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Careers for Life

Imagine no more job searches. Imagine this as the last job search you will ever make. Because, an inspiring combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play and a great work culture makes Merits an exhilarating place to be in. Merits is a place you'll want to come back to each morning for the rest of your life, with a sense of achievement and a smile of job satisfaction. Indeed, it is the smartest career move you could ever make, because Merits careers are for life.


A career at Merits means a life long opportunity to explore your potential, continuous growth, and the joy of working on the latest technologies alongside the finest minds in the industry. • Ever since Merits started in 1993, innovation has been a key ingredient. Whether it is diversification of industries, breaking into the latest technology, or spearheading process milestones globally, Merits has constantly strived to create a world class organization providing world class solutions. • With people as the focus of all its initiatives, it is no wonder that Merits has been able to consistently be "ahead of the pack". We believe our strength is in our people and go beyond expectation to provide a work environment that is the envy of all.

Benefits & Growth Prospects

Merits offers challenging assignments, world-class working environment, professional management and ample opportunities to train, learn, and execute the most demanding projects, and in turn, get recognition in the form of exceptional rewards. As you scale newer peaks of achievements, we provide you with many benefits. At every step of success there is a special incentive awaiting you. Our responsibility towards new employees does not stop at salaries and compensation alone. We offer all possible help to facilitate their settling down most amicably.

People Investment

Merits believes, investing in people's growth reaps the best dividend. Merits provide state-of-the-art Programmes in Leadership and Learning for its employees. Addressing the ever-changing needs of its employees. Merits ensure that your education is never hampered on joining Merits. We help you build on your existing qualifications as we are associated with some of the best institutions in the world.


At Merits we provide the best opportunity to build a flying career with 'Wings Within', a transparent job posting system. It is a tool that gives flexibility to apply for the job of your choice and map your career. All open positions are visible to employees encouraging the eligible to look for a job change within Merits.…………………….are we ready with it ??

Best Life-Work Ethos

It is our Life-Work ethos that distinguishes us from others. Pride, passion and integrity are integral features of our everyday life at work. The joy of working on cutting-edge technologies and a sense of ownership of work, set in an environment of transparency, fun and fair play makes Merits one of the most desirable workplaces. Our 360-degree appraisal system provides feedback at all levels; from peers, subordinates and superiors, which help in the overall development. This open-minded approach to all our endeavors helps bring out the best in you. It ensures that your position is decided upon by a fair and open merit system and not by extraneous factors. Our energy, free spirit, social responsibility and commitment to human values have played a significant role in our success story so far. We instill these qualities into every new member of the Merits family. Active, unhindered participation bring us closer to each other and to ourselves, making work both fun and fulfilling.

Merits perks in a nutshell:

1. Pride of being a Meritians 2. The challenge of being at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. 3. Work alongside some of the biggest names in the financial IT world, in an ambience that fulfils your heart's desire as much as it stimulates your intellect. 4. Freedom to initiate and realize goals and reap the benefits as the world watches.